Week fifteen 

The final week. My last semester in ceramics. It is pretty sad, I like making three dimensional pieces. But it is so I can further myself in painting. I cleaned put my locker and barrel tonight. We have critique on Wednesday. I kind of want to present my project with my again project just to give context and since I kept the pieces that I made. I think it’ll be interesting to see how work for myself and my classmates has progressed over the semester and where maybe bodies a work for them will go, where they can be successful.

 So here is to the end of the ceramic semester and my ceramic career for a while. This is Ashley signing off.


Week fourteen

So, we are suppsed to have a gas firing kiln quiz. Which I am not prepared for because I do not understand what I wrote down, ha ha. Well, not ha ha because I need a good grade on this. I just have a hard time remembering what is what and all of the tiny details with each term. 

Tonight we are doing two raku kin firings. I hope more of my stufd gets fired tonight and rhe pieces that were fired last class are looking well. I think they are still in the trash bins. Brian is running to check the kiln now, actually. So maybe my stuff is already out. 

I really hope they all turn out at least decently. I just worry because of the raku firing process. It makes me nervous. 

Week thirteen

So most of my work for the raku firing has been coil work. I like using simple methods to create fun and imperfect little objects. Mostly, I have been making cylinders with contrasting vertical lines against the horizontal lines of the coil. Most of tonight will be finally glazing these pieces and maybe, hopefully, getting them fired in the raku kiln. I did not realize how bad somw of these looked. I feel like they are pretty ugly. I’m sure glazing then will help a bit. I’m excited for the raku glazes we made. Some of them are super cool! I’m curious about experimenting with dipping and layering raku glazes over each other.

Week twelve

I’m willing to admit I’m late on this blog post. I have been too concerned with seraching for my pieces for the raku kiln firings from the bisque shelves. Every time I go to look, I am thoroughly disappointed. It is like I never even made anything! But I did! Waiting is such a game. I did previously have about 5 pieces come out of the bisque that I have already glazed for the raku firing. I have mostly been hand building with coils and balls for my pieces. I got bored with that so I added vertical lines to contrast the horizontal lines of the coils. So, its just an experimental, really. I’m hoping nothing breaks in the bisque or the raku kiln, ha. 

I also spent some time this week grinding the excessive glaze that pooled around the edges of the inside of my butter dish. Which means that the lid does not go on the base anymore! Tears. It is super depressing because I love my butter dish. It is still beautiful, just sad.  

Week eleven 

My butter dish came out of the kiln and it is BEAUTIFUL! I love it so much. The glazes are wonderful. I will defiantly experiment with the mix of glazes I had. Rutile blue and Monica’s season green layered on really thick. They made a nice glow and texture.

This week I made a few new pieces for the raku kiln. I think I had am air bubble in one of of wedged pieces of clay, so I wedged it again. We’ll see if I got it out, depending on if it explodes in the raku kiln, or not. I got a few pieces glazed for the raku. I mostly just need my pieces to go into the bisque firing so I can get those ready for the raku kiln firing. 

I have a few thrown pieces and most of my pieces that I need to have will be hand built. I like throwing but I don’t think I’ll be able to produce enough for the raku kiln in time for the firing. 

Week ten

I finally got to glaze my butter dish from the again project. I did two overlays of different glazes. I removed the glazes where my fingerprints would be on the pieces. The generation aspect of the again project, to leave.

My next project is Raku. We are bringing the Raku Kiln back. The first night we had to bring in a bunch of wood for the firing and clean out the area around the kiln. The following class we had a presentation of the introduction for the project. There are four different types of glazing that you can use in Raku. I’m interested in possibly trying all of these. Mainly Crackle because I like the texture. We are too build pieces or throw pieces with quantity and mine. There’s a big possibility that these pieces will break and the Raku firing. So I started off with a candle vase that is really textured and I made a bowl with an even tips. For class on Monday night, tonight, I am going to be on the Wheel. I want to throw some vases, bowls and maybe some cups. I know that Raku glazes aren’t food safe. But they can be used for things besides food.

Week nine

This project had been a struggle. I am glad I figured out that I needed to change my still life. I am enjoying this more. I like gettint back into my roots and creating hunting pieces. I dont think my deer call looks that great. The coil on the top is crooked because I messed up the piece it is wrapped around. My hat is good. I like the texture and orange slip. I hoe that slip fires brighter through. The box is fine. I made dour bullets for it. The base of the deer skin is really tiny, but it has to be to fit on the kiln. But I am fine with it, it’s just scaled down from real life size. The deer antler looks fine, I like the txture on that. I finished the skull last night. It feels a bit boxy.  But I worked with it. I like the carved in lines from the skull. It is such a cool texture that they have. Deer are so cool and delicious, haha.

Week eight

What? Half way or more through the semester? Wow. I feel like I haven’t made a lot of things.  But this project, still-life, was when I had trouble with. Trouble with figuring out what I wanted to do for my trade. At first I picked a chef, what should be making cookware. I started off of the spatula, and I got started on a meat cleaver. I even threw two bowls for measuring pitcher. But I wasn’t really feeling any of those items. I didn’t feel connected to the project or really excited. So I’m going back to my roots. And exploring a still life for hunting. So far I’ve created a toboggan, which I will put orange slip-on. I have made a really crappy deer call, a Young Buck’s antler. And there will be a box of bullets and part of a deer skull. My base will be deer fur which I will make from a slab of my clay. Which I feel better about doing these items, they are more related to my personal life not just my family or a trade. For the box, I need to attach a lid and create a series of 44 magnum bullets. I think this goal is going to be the hardest thing for me to create with such a short amount of time. I have work class on Monday for 3 hours. But for Wednesday, There’s a lecture and demo. Which I know I probably won’t have any time to work on my still-life project.

Week Seven

This week was kind of hard to start off. But we started a new project. I had sketches prepared but I feel lile I was still not really sure of what I wanted to do. I have more options than I probably realized when I started sketching the first time. This trade project was difficult to really churn ideas for. I thought the manufacturing would be interesting to do but, it’s very detailed and tedious to work with because the items are so small. The teaching one difficult because my mom teaches 3 subjects. I got stuck on the stereotype of apples and chalkboard. So, I went with something more functional. Chef trade. So I am making a spatula with holes. A pitcher/ measuring cup. I am going to attempt to make a wish, yikes. A meat clever. And something else. I have sketches but I haven’t made a decision on the last piece. But I will be making a platter foe my tray.