Week nine

This project had been a struggle. I am glad I figured out that I needed to change my still life. I am enjoying this more. I like gettint back into my roots and creating hunting pieces. I dont think my deer call looks that great. The coil on the top is crooked because I messed up the piece it is wrapped around. My hat is good. I like the texture and orange slip. I hoe that slip fires brighter through. The box is fine. I made dour bullets for it. The base of the deer skin is really tiny, but it has to be to fit on the kiln. But I am fine with it, it’s just scaled down from real life size. The deer antler looks fine, I like the txture on that. I finished the skull last night. It feels a bit boxy.  But I worked with it. I like the carved in lines from the skull. It is such a cool texture that they have. Deer are so cool and delicious, haha.


Week eight

What? Half way or more through the semester? Wow. I feel like I haven’t made a lot of things.  But this project, still-life, was when I had trouble with. Trouble with figuring out what I wanted to do for my trade. At first I picked a chef, what should be making cookware. I started off of the spatula, and I got started on a meat cleaver. I even threw two bowls for measuring pitcher. But I wasn’t really feeling any of those items. I didn’t feel connected to the project or really excited. So I’m going back to my roots. And exploring a still life for hunting. So far I’ve created a toboggan, which I will put orange slip-on. I have made a really crappy deer call, a Young Buck’s antler. And there will be a box of bullets and part of a deer skull. My base will be deer fur which I will make from a slab of my clay. Which I feel better about doing these items, they are more related to my personal life not just my family or a trade. For the box, I need to attach a lid and create a series of 44 magnum bullets. I think this goal is going to be the hardest thing for me to create with such a short amount of time. I have work class on Monday for 3 hours. But for Wednesday, There’s a lecture and demo. Which I know I probably won’t have any time to work on my still-life project.

Week Seven

This week was kind of hard to start off. But we started a new project. I had sketches prepared but I feel lile I was still not really sure of what I wanted to do. I have more options than I probably realized when I started sketching the first time. This trade project was difficult to really churn ideas for. I thought the manufacturing would be interesting to do but, it’s very detailed and tedious to work with because the items are so small. The teaching one difficult because my mom teaches 3 subjects. I got stuck on the stereotype of apples and chalkboard. So, I went with something more functional. Chef trade. So I am making a spatula with holes. A pitcher/ measuring cup. I am going to attempt to make a wish, yikes. A meat clever. And something else. I have sketches but I haven’t made a decision on the last piece. But I will be making a platter foe my tray.

Week six? 

So, I spent most of my class time last night getting the cone 10 kiln ready to glaze fire. I didn’t get much time to work on my piece. But I will take it as is. I like it well enough, I just hope that when it gets bone dry it does not shrink too much. I want the lid to fit on there nicely. Hopefully it stays that way. We have critique on Wednesday after the Elenor Wilson Studio Potter lecture. I need some good feedback. I may need to get in and put some slip on it first. Or do a glaze on the fingerprints so it is more noticeable after the glaze firing. I think I will stuck with my favorite glaze combination of Rutile Blue and an overlay of Monica’s Seafoam. It has that nice shimmery look. Almost like it is glowing!

Week five

So this week I have been working on making the domes of the edges on my butter dish lid. I came across a few problems. First, the dome was too big and then again it was too big. Hah. I finally got around to making it the right size that I needed. Well, now my base is too small. And Mr. Brian wants me to make more than one since I have never made a butter dish. Well, we will see. Today I am going to work on making a new base that is bigger and actually has handles. 

Before Brian suggested that I had sketched out a few new sketches for the new dome lid of the butter dish. I also have created the ball that goes on top and the knife. I also need to make the holder for the knife and put that on the new base.

So tonight, I plan on working on the bottom of the butter dish. I may make a few of them, but I make no promises. And if I have the time, I’ll make the

 holder for the knife. I may have to wait for the knife to get leatherhard before I try constructing a piece to hold it so it does not break.

Week four part two

I feel like I’m really on the struggle bus for this lid that I am trying to create. I have tried creating a coil built peace. I tried shaping a lid and carving out the excess clay. So I left this evening with shaping out a dome lid type of form that I hope will harden up a little bit, but not too much, so I can cut some of the in pieces off and slip and score them together. That may even make an interesting design. But, we shall see. More to come next week!

Week four Part one

So! I finally decided on what to do for my verb again project in ceramics! I was recently inspired by a vintage piece that my grandmother brought over, actually yesterday. It was the only gift she received from anyone on her father’s side of her family. It is a beautiful silver butter dish. My mom pulled out her butter dish that was my great grandmother’s. This one was very similar in style and shape but had a butter knife on the side. So I am incorporating pieces from both of the butter dishes to create my own butter TO LEAVE to future generations in my family.

Week three part two

So was thinking about how I could redo this verb again project as a finalized piece or pieces. To leave. I have some sketches in my SketchBook. Mundane objects with fingerprints left in them. Also the Linens that Jesus left after his death. Cups thrown on the wheel with Parables, teachings, or Miracles that Jesus performed. I’m not really sure where to go with this direction. I’m not sure what to do with my verb. I did start forming a small pot. But I’m not really sure if I like it or dislike it. I’m not really sure what to do with it.

Week three part one

So we had our verb project critique. I went first, yay. Brian asked questions like, “how could you use this if you did this project again?  What did you learn that you could do differently to apply to new works?” Which I totally get but it sounded like we were going to be assigned rhe same project AGAIN!! And we were. But this is different. We are thinking about the finalized project instead of rhe process this time. Our work will also be fired. 

Here are inages from critique!